• Spin Travels
    Spin Travels is a revolving game for kids. In the game, you will have 10 chances to rotate and do your best to make it run farther. Have a good time.
    Use the mouse to play.

    Skill, Kids, HTML5, […]

  • Planetarium 2
    Planetarium 2 is an amazing solar system simulation game, you can observe the nine planets, see how this system work. with the relaxing music, enjoy the spectacular view of the universe. The […]

  • Pizza Spot The Difference
    Pizza Spot The Difference is a different game. There are two pictures of pizza, and you have to find five different places.You can look for slowly because there is no time limit. To get […]

  • Dachshund Escape
    Dachshund Escape is a point and clicks of escape game. There was a Dachshund in the room, and it went outside. But the door was locked, but you forgot where the key was. You need to find some […]

  • German Tram Simulator
    This is a German tram simulator. You can feel it in the German city, controlling the trolley, very real feeling. Have a good time with German Tram Simulator.
    Z = accelerate, Mouse = […]

  • Jungle Plumber Challenge 2
    It is a free easy-to-use puzzle game with HD graphics in which your job is to survive in the jungle by building a water pipe network ! Simply turn the different pieces by touching them, […]

  • Kung Fu Fight : Beat ’em up
    KUNG FU FIGHT : BEAT EM UP is the best Kung Fu action game. You’ll be fighting against tons of enemies and the Big BOSS. You will need to be very fast and a real Kung Fu Master to k […]

  • Friendly Fish
    The blue small fish are trapped in the bubble and you need to save the blue small fish. You touch the bubble and the blue small fish is saved. Have fun.
    Use JK or AD on a desktop. If you are […]

  • Girly House Cleaning
    The house was messy and dirty. Come and clean the room. There are three rooms to clean. Put the clothes, the toys in the basket, and clean the glass. Sweep the cobwebs away, glue the broken […]

  • Rescuers
    You as a rescuer, you have to catch people jumping off the stairs to save them. Try to catch all the people so you can get high marks. Have fun with Rescuers.
    Use the mouse to play.

    Rescue, Kids, […]

  • oprincipe wrote a new post, Majong 1 day, 4 hours ago

    Majong is a matching game. Click on the same mahjong, four flowers and four seasonal pictures can be combined. There are ten layouts in the game. Have fun.
    Use the mouse to play.

    Relaxation, Puzzle, […]

  • Bubble Charms 2
    Bubble Charms 2 is a bubble shooting game. Use three or more of the same color bubbles to shoot and destroy bubbles. Collect more gold COINS to improve your pet’s ability. Have fun.
    Use the […]

  • oprincipe wrote a new post, Rhomb 1 day, 4 hours ago

    Rhomb is a puzzle game. You need to untangle the rhomb. Click on the rhomb. You can try a different approach. Good luck.
    Click rhomb to interact. Click 3 dots button to see hidden buttons.

    Puzzle, […]

  • Evo Explores
    Evo Explores is a popular mobile game, now you can play it on PC! These new scenes are still mystical and worth watching, forget the regular physical laws and use your imagination, Have fun solving […]

  • Space Arena
    Space Arena is a multiplayer online shooting game, you are all placed in a space area, you can use your gun or pick the red or blue gun to kill others, each gun have a different effect, but it’s all […]

  • Magic Cube
    Magic Cube is a puzzle game. In this magic cube, after moving the magic cube, you need to have the frog and the star on the same row or the same column, and then the frog jumps on the star and collects […]

  • Genie Winter Resort Rescue
    Another Genie rescue series game! What kinds of amazing puzzles have they provided for us this time? You need to discover it by yourself, it’s not easy to pass, but there is always […]

  • Athleisure
    Sports casual clothes are also very fashionable, hurry up to pick up some sports clothes, a little makeup to go out to play. Have fun with Athleisure.
    Use the mouse to play.

    Makeover / Make-up, […]

  • Ford F 650 Differences
    Ford F 650 Differences is to find different games. You need to find the difference between the two pictures at the specified time. There are five mistakes. The less time you spend, the […]

  • Office Slacking 4
    Sarah doesn’t want to work. She always does something else at work. If the boss is there, she will work hard. When the boss is away, she does her own things, such as nail polish, curly hair, […]

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