Game description

Luna`s Beach Wars
Princess Luna was resting on the beach with his girlfriend-fairy Siluna, when suddenly,on the beach from a spaceship landed aggressive-minded aliens. it animals-cyborgs. Had no choice but Princess to fight back with invaders and save the Earth in time.Throughout the game, from level to level, destroy all the cyborgs. ForThey will earn points that you will come in handy. Know yourshots so that you always have mana for the next attack. Mana is restoreditself, but slowly. Along the way will come across neo-crystals, they are totallyrestore mana character. At the end of the level is waiting for a big cyber-boss, whichnecessarily have to kill to advance to the next level.
Z AttackX JumpLeft and Right Move

How to play

Z AttackX JumpLeft and Right Move

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